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In today’s world, you will come across visual simulations everywhere. Examples of some of the most creative simulations are available on TV, movies, the Internet, scan billboards, and information outlets at the malls or railway stations. Communicating a concept or a message in visual and print media is now easy and effective thanks to the latest technological advancements, availability of latest software, and enhanced features of existing ones. In this session, you will learn the basics of video editing and its types. You will also become familiar with the video standards and terminologies. The session also describes different stages of video making process.

Some Video tutorial for you know – How to Edit video in Adobe Priemere CS6

Video Editing, as the name suggests, is a process of assembling a collection of existing videos and editing and manipulating them to create a new video with desired effect. Over the years with emergence of various technologies, video editing has become sophisticated and effective with enhanced capabilities, both artistically and technically. You can be artistic by editing videos based on the various cinematic techniques. You can also add effects, graphics, and music to the video. Additionally, you can create transitions between various clips, add color correction, filters,and other enhancements. It is necessary to organize the content to make it logically and visually accurate. The technical process consists of copying various parts onto a single video tape for final editing, viewing, or distribution.

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