How to modeling house in 3Ds Max

How to modeling house in 3Ds Max

I would like to introduce a list of videos showing you how to Modeling house by 3Ds Max In the 3Ds Max video listing, this tutorial will show you step by step how to model from Autocad to Lighting, Materials, and render settings, and do the same thing in 3D.Is not it great? This is the project I like most, so I made this video to share with you more knowledge from the cast So now, you keep track of each video to see what works and what does it do?

3D modeling Container House _ 3Ds Max_Part 1
D modeling Container House _ 3Ds Max_Part 2
3Ds Max | 3D modeling Container House _ Part 3
Setting Vray, Camera and Lighting Container House in 3Ds Max _Part 4
Modeling Container House_ Material and rendering_3Ds Max 2015
3D Modeling Container House | Post – Production 3D visualization by Photoshop


This is series how to modeling house by  3Ds Max

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